Honor and Evolve
Human Civilization

Only a few thousand years ago we lived in caves. Think about it. Humanity has only been "civilized" for a few tens of thousands of years.

We have done amazing things in that time, but our baser selves still dominate much of what we do. In many ways, we are merely apes who, having discovered fire, traded our sticks and stones for shovels and guns, as we allowed our greed to overcome our wonder.

We believe human beings are basically good, and, given a chance, can be even better. We have barely begun to realize who and what we are and have little idea of what we can become. No matter the headlines and hatred we see down here, most of the few humans who have gone into space consider themselves part of one family.

Even as we have made many mistakes, we believe opening the Frontier gives us the chance to grow, reinvent and re-imagine ourselves. For the first time ever, we can apply lessons of history and begin to reach the next level of civilization - united, inclusive, and free. 

What does freedom really mean? Where do we try out the next form of democracy? Establishing new human communities beyond Earth will allow us to advance our culture and inspire those who stay down here - even as we rise to new levels - out there.

EarthLighters believe climbing out of our cradle offers us the chance to literally and spiritually reach higher levels as a human community.


To provide a core belief system for humanity, our relationships with each other, and the family of life - based on an understanding of who we have been and our aspirations about how much more we can become - as we enter the Universe.

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EarthLight basic Membership is free! If you agree and believe in what you see here, share your contact info with us for updates, events, products and opportunities to get more involved. We want your heart, mind and hands, not your wallet - of course, we do welcome donations!

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ELF is a Tribe. You are invited to join. And we also put on some great events - even if you don't. The New Worlds Conference and Faire and Space Cowboy Ball are Oct. 28-29 in Austin, Texas. 2-3 days of some of thhe best speakers, art and entertainment in the space community.

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