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We are not a club, we are a movement, built on a set of ideas. If you agree it's time for humanity (not just those opening the Frontier) to begin our re-creation as a species worthy of the job, then sign up below.

Becoming a "Member"of E.L.F. is free. Of course, any financial support will help, but what we really want is your passion, your mind, and your willingness to live from and spread our ideas. We will keep you informed of our work, share some ideas with you, and maybe ask you to help with our cause.

And if you do donate using the button below, you'll get some cool stuff, special offers on other stuff, and discounts on our great events. Open the Airlock!


EarthLighters believe humanity has a higher Calling. One that if we answered - will change us forever. E.L.F. has three guiding Principles that shape this mission: Honor & Evolve Human Civilization, Protect & Expand the Domain of Life, Explore & Experience the Universe.

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To provide a core belief system for humanity, our relationships with each other, and the family of life - based on an understanding of who we have been and our aspirations about how much more we can become - as we enter the Universe.

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ELF is a Tribe. You are invited to join. And we also put on some great events - even if you don't. The New Worlds Conference and Faire and Space Cowboy Ball are Oct. 28-29 in Austin, Texas. 2-3 days of some of thhe best speakers, art and entertainment in the space community.

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